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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Become a Personal Shopper or Image Consultant with this online course and get paid to do what you love.

With more choice than ever before many people don’t know where to start buying clothes and accessories. Mistakes are expensive; that’s why more people are using the services of a personal shopper or image consultant.

So what’s the difference between these two job roles?

Very little really. A personal shopper and an image consultant both need the same fundamental skills and knowledge but they are applied a little differently. This actually has more to do with how you work rather than what you do. For example…

A personal shopper is more likely to be employed by a department store or fashion boutique; many now hire a personal shopper to give extra value to their customers. There are many personal shopper job opportunities and you can make a good income.

An Image consultant does the same thing but tends to work freelance; providing image consultant services directly to clients. This would allow you to work your own hours, be your own boss and determine your own salary. A good Image Consultant helps their clients choose the clothes, accessories and hair and make-up styles that suit them best. This is the main difference between these roles. An image consultant will also offer personal shopper services to clients and this can be a regular source of income as fashion seasons change and your clients want to stay on trend.

In short, whether you decide to work as a Personal Shopper or Image Consultant this course will show you how to help each client to develop their own unique style so they look and feel AMAZING. A new career in this industry could be life-changing for you and your clients.

STUDY METHOD: 100% online with 1 to 1 tutor support

START DATE: Newly revised & updated course is available Jan 2019. Enrolments now open so you can book your place early and save.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: None – just the ability to read & write clearly, commitment and a willingness to learn

DURATION: You will have 8 months to complete the course. Paid extensions are available if required.

HOW IT WORKS: Continuous Assessment/No Exams – There are 6 Modules in this course. Each module has an assignment so you can put into practice what you have learned. You’ll receive personal feedback from your tutor for each assignment so you continually improve. At the end of the course you will complete a Final Project bringing together everything you have learned throughout the course and integrating your skills. The work you complete is deliberately structured so that as you complete your projects you will simultaneously build a great portfolio.

WHAT YOU’LL GET: An internationally recognised qualification (with university credits) and a fantastic portfolio. This will provide you with a powerful tool to SHOW what you can do and help you get work as quickly as possible.


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There are numerous different fashion trends, styles and looks – but looking good NEVER goes out of style.

A Personal Shopper or Image Consultant can help people to look and feel their best by analysing their individual facial and body features, and then helping them to choose the clothes, accessories, hairstyle and make-up that will suit them best. Rather than following fashions, Personal Shoppers and Image Consultants help their clients to develop their own individual style that works for their features AND their lifestyle; after all, there’s no point in dressing a full-time mother of three in a business suit, or vice versa! 

Most of us have made style blunders in the past, and today there is so much choice in clothes and accessories, that it is easy for the untrained person to get it wrong. A Personal Shopper and Image Consultant will advise clients on what to look for and what to avoid, so they can sift through the clutter and choose what works for them. Looking good on the outside automatically makes us feel good on the inside, it increases our confidence and makes us feel GREAT – the effects can be life-changing and Personal Shopping and Image Consultancy is a very valuable service! Discover what you can expect to learn on this course…


How do you dress someone with a short neck, long waist, pear shaped bottom and thick ankles..? We all have good features, the trick is knowing what to play up and how to play it down when necessary…

Most people are unhappy with certain parts of their body, but the good news is that we don’t need to change our bodies to look good; we simply need to make the best of what we have by choosing the right clothes, accessories, hairstyle and make-up – to accentuate our best features and camouflage those that need hiding. The key to getting it right is to objectively assess your client’s attributes and help them to identify exactly what will work with their natural features instead of against them. This Personal Shopping and Image Consultancy course will teach you how to do exactly that, and topics covered include the following:

  • Body types – identifying your client’s overall body shape
  • Features and proportions – how to balance proportions and restore a sense of symmetry
  • Facial shapes – how the facial outline and individual features determine facial shape
  • Colour analysis – assessing your client’s colouring and the appropriate colour palette for their skin tone


Try this pop quiz???  What are the following all types of:

Diamond, Keyhole, Sweetheart, Halter, Envelope, Paperbag, Horseshoe, Scallop, Bardot, Slash, Drawstring, Asymmetrical, Illusion, Crew, Square, Boat  / Bateau, Collared, Cowl?

These are all different types of necklines and the full list is actually much, much longer than this. You probably recognized a number of these necklines but did you know them all? If you are going to work with clothes for a living you should at the very least be familiar with garments and all the variables you will come across. Of course, it’s not just about knowing the names; different styles will work better for some body types than others.

With so much choice in clothes and accessories it is easy for the untrained person to get it wrong, but this module will show you what to look for and what to avoid. You will learn how a good Personal Shopper and Image Consultant can develop a core wardrobe for male and female clients. Then you’ll learn how to use selected accessories and details to update that core wardrobe with each new fashion season. Once you have completed this module you will know how to use clothes to bring out the inner beauty and confidence in all your clients, and help them to be themselves in a way that makes the rest of the world take notice!

Topics covered include the following:

  • Developing a core wardrobe – how to create a wardrobe that works for your client
  • Colour and pattern – how to use them to make impact without overkill
  • Accessories – paying attention to the details that many people are judged by
  • Dressing for work & leisure – explore ways to carry an outfit from day to night and beyond


The right hairstyle can actually make someone appear taller, slimmer and even younger. Taking good care of your hairstyle and practicing good grooming techniques is an absolutely vital for personal presentation. What’s more, this is just as important for male clients as it is for female. On top of this, women have a significant advantage over male clients, because they can use make-up to easily complement their natural tones and skin-type. With careful application of make-up and colour you can help your female clients to enhance their natural features and create the right impression by focusing attention on their strong characteristics while camouflaging more negative aspects. Make-up is the instant transformer for women and with a little practice you will be soon able to show clients how to use make-up to create stunning looks with simple techniques. Applying make-up correctly is not difficult, and it doesn’t even need to be time-consuming – especially when you have expert advice to hand. On this course you will be taught…

  • Hair – determining the best colours and styles to enhance your client
  • Grooming – the important details for men and women
  • Quick tricks – the bare essentials for when there’s no time to spare!
  • The essentials of skincare – identifying your clients skin-type, a foundation for beauty
  • Applying make-up like a professional – tips & techniques from the experts
  • Getting the right tools – investigating the right make-up and hairstyling products


Many people think that Personal Shoppers and Image Consultants help people to dress “correctly” for work, selecting the “right” suits and accessories to make a strong business impression. While some Personal Shoppers and Image Consultants will specialise in “Corporate Dressing”, the majority will work with clients to develop a style that makes them look their best. What’s more, the style should be appropriate for the client’s lifestyle on a practical level and reflect their unique personality and character…

Our style should be a celebration of who we are; it should reflect our individuality and uniqueness feel congruent with our personality and aspirations. Good Personal Shopping and Image Consultancy is ultimately about bringing out the inner beauty and confidence in all your clients; by simply helping them to be themselves in a way that makes the rest of the world take notice! By the time you complete this course in Personal Shopping and Image Consultancy, you will know how to help your clients do just that. Topics covered include the following:

  • Lifestyle assessment – working with your client to establish where they should spend their budget
  • Developing a style – explore how to bring out your client’s natural style and sense of self
  • Wardrobe weeding & organisation – discover how to make the best use of a clients existing wardrobe
  • Strategic planning – develop a plan to transform a wardrobe step-by-step without breaking the bank


They say beauty is only skin deep, yet every year millions of women AND men make themselves ill with anorexia, bulimia and depression, striving to achieve their beauty ideals – ideals that are usually unrealistic without major cosmetic surgery. The good news is that a good Personal Shopper or Image Consultant can help anyone to dramatically improve their appearance and bring out that inner beauty. All it takes is the right wardrobe, grooming and make-up techniques – and of course that EXTRA CONFIDENCE that comes when we feel good about ourselves!

This course will prepare you to work as a professional Personal Shopper or Image Consultant. It could also be a stepping stone for you because you will be able to progress onto our HNC or HND courses later if you want. If you love fashion and helping people to look and feel amazing, then enrol today and get paid for your passion.




If you love helping people to look and feel their best, then this course is the perfect opportunity for you to become a qualified Image Consultant AND get paid to do a job that you love. Whether you want to work as a freelancer or look for employment, there are numerous job opportunities available. This course is ideal if you want to offer the following services…

Offer Image Consultancy & Personal Styling services to clients
Provide Personal Shopping services in boutiques & dept stores
Partner with local boutiques to offer Style Consulting services


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