Looking For PROJECT MANAGEMENT COURSES? - Become a CERTIFIED PROJECT MANAGER with our Professional Certificate in Project Management

Internationally Recognised Award (30 UK University Credits & 200 CPD Hours)

Professional  Certificate in  Project Management Course as a academic value of level 4 is also credited under CPD/continual personal development where employers and employees value this accreditation.


This Project Management Courses prospectus will SHOW YOU:

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Our Professional Certificate in Project Management Course has transferable University Credit Values as follows:

30 UK University Credits

15 EU Credits

9 US Semester Credits

200 CPD Learning Hours

This course is vital for anyone who wants to complete a project on time AND on budget PLUS...

Get our process for managing ongoing changes (that are inevitable with design projects) without going off course

No experience or previous qualifications needed to enrol

Full Money-Back Guarantee

Here's what our students have to say...

  • Vicki Sheridan
    Vicki Sheridan - I had reservations about learning this way but that went the moment I started my first assignment. After only a few months I gained the confidence to start looking for work experience while still working full time in a completely different industry. That's the wonderful thing about this course, you can make the change over gradually even if you are in a different industry altogether. My dream is finally coming true!
  • Steven Perlmuter
    Steven Perlmuter - I chose The Design Ecademy [because] first and foremost I needed a program that could work around my schedule. One of the best parts of the course is being able to take what we have learned from a lesson and apply it. I did not foresee my working in the field this early. The knowledge I have gained has been tremendous…and, I would not have been able to do it without Maria Flynn and The Design Ecademy.
  • Julie Maujean
    Julie Maujean - I enjoyed working in the industry so much I decided to further my knowledge but was worried about the long hours if I studied and worked at the same time. I found with The Design Ecademy, you can study at your own pace in the time that suits your lifestyle and existing work load. Anyway, the course is so interesting you will always have time for it!! I encourage anyone to enrol without hesitation.
  • Kimberly Sutton
    Kimberly Sutton - As I travel quite a bit, I researched programs that afforded me the flexibility of home study. The best part for me was the project-focused structure which gave me the perfect skills, practice and confidence to run my own design business. I am so happy with the program. Empowering yourself to follow your passion is priceless.....I am feeling both aligned and confident with my career direction now.
  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith - I love learning and take a new course every year. I enrolled purely for personal satisfaction but as a result of taking this course I have already started working in the design industry and I’m planning to switch my career completely within the next year. I’ve taken lots of online courses and to sum up my experience with The Design Ecademy in one word it has been Exceptional. Thanks so much guys.
  • Stella Munene
    Stella Munene - After searching many online design courses I found The Design Ecademy. As an online course, it allowed me to apply my skills as I was studying and running my business at the same time. Each assignment promoted learning and allowed me to thoroughly explore my creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course and learnt more than I had anticipated. I would choose The Design Ecademy 100 times over.
  • Michael De Vries
    Michael De Vries - I’ve worked in international finance all my life and spend a lot of time travelling. I enrolled on this course to use some of my travel time learning about my passion. Now I am planning on changing my career completely and I’m writing my business plan. I can’t believe it and I’m really excited. I never would have thought it. Sounds cliché but this course changed my life. The Design Ecademy rocks!
  • Carolyn Ruth
    Carolyn Ruth - I did some research and felt this course offered me the accreditation and flexibility I wanted. I sent in my first assignment, received helpful feedback and was hooked from that moment on. I learnt so much from the course. I made the scary decision to start working for myself. It was a big jump but I haven’t looked back and work is flying in. It’s great and I am finally doing something I love.
  • Ankur Jeet
    Ankur Jeet - I chose this course because it was online and I could study and work at the same time. [This] course was excellent from start to finish. I learned so much. After completing the course I secured a job with a design firm in Australia and I have never looked back. If you want to become a designer do not hesitate to enrol. I LOVE MY JOB and it feels great. This course has completely changed my life!
  • Jana Novakova
    Jana Novakova - After many years of being active as an employee, when I came across The Design Ecademy I decided to follow my instinct and explore my creative side. After 3 years during which I was able to combine studies and work, I obtained a HND. I am now working on setting up a commerce platform to market specific design objects and classics. Thank you The Design Ecademy for allowing me to live my dream …
  • Moses Jakubowicz
    Moses Jakubowicz - I was looking into options that would help me study design while balancing out my other studies. I heard about The Design Ecademy through a friend. It fitted with my lifestyle and I decided that it would be perfect for me to study without giving up my daily schedule. I'm enjoying learning new things, harnessing new ideas and of course the great support from the school.
  • Ria Thompson
    Ria Thompson - It was very satisfying to receive a diploma half-way through the course so I could begin applying for work while continuing with my studies. I have learned a great deal and I’m truly looking forward to even more exciting possibilities as I continue with the second stage of my study while building and expanding my portfolio – which is one of the greatest advantages. Thank you all so very much.
  • Mary Holmes
    Mary Holmes - I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it hugely beneficial in developing the tools to take me to a professional level. The nature of the course in being assignment lead meant I could gradually build up a client base while I was learning the trade. I have a whole new lease of life and a career which is not only rewarding and interesting but allows me to make a difference to people's lives.
  • Charlotte Comber
    Charlotte Comber - It sounds really cheesy, but I love everything about this course. The combination of technical and creative topics is the perfect mix for me. I am the kind of person that needs variety and this course has it in bucket loads. It’s a challenge to keep up with the assignments as well as working full time but it never really feels like work. I love finding out more and more about it everyday.
  • Pedro Sousa
    Pedro Sousa - The online course has been great so I can work whenever I want and I have finished it really fast because I cannot stop doing it. I love it. My wife calls The Design Ecademy my mistress! I have learned so much and I have bonded with so many great people all over the world. I was already working in the industry and the course has paid for itself many times. Don’t think about it, do it.
  • Elizabeth Mc Daid
    Elizabeth Mc Daid - A very special “thank you” to my tutors. They guided me through my projects and were always extremely helpful & supportive. I loved the speed of my results & honest feedback – always steering me in the right direction. I really enjoyed this course – it made me think “outside the box” but most of all, I was able to express my “creative side” and qualify at something I have a huge passion for!
  • Imani Patel
    Imani Patel - This course is totally under-priced, enrol before they realise! I failed to complete an online design course but really wanted to pursue this so when a friend recommended The Design Ecademy I decided to try again. This course was priced significantly lower so I thought it was worth taking a chance. Thank goodness I did. The course was thorough but most enjoyable and support was excellent.
  • Pascal Valentino
    Pascal Valentino - After ten years working in the travel industry I was looking for a new challenge. The course helped by giving me the opportunity to learn and improve skills on a large spectrum of subjects. The course is thorough and very interesting. The tutor really supports you with useful advice and encourages you to give your best, whilst being very objective on your work. I really enjoyed the course.
  • Laurence Meyer
    Laurence Meyer - I am the mother of 3 kids and because of the international career of my husband, I needed a school which offered flexibility and would be recognized abroad, particularly in the USA, where I live now. I am now even more convinced that I have chosen the right school! I can see that even if you do not know your online students personally, you really care for them and you want them to succeed.
  • Ann Slattery
    Ann Slattery - I started as a very nervous student but I blossomed as the months went by, I learnt so much. I have no doubt that the qualification helped me enormously to get work. It has given me the confidence to seize every opportunity that comes before me. I feel now that the world is my oyster and it is all thanks to this course. I would highly recommend it. It’s hard work but very well worth it.
  • Sandra Dunne and Karen Armitage
    Sandra Dunne and Karen Armitage - With children, family and work commitments we both needed to find an internationally recognised course which offered flexibility and a home study option. It took us 16 months to complete the course and we bravely applied for the “Showhouse” programme. We were chosen from over 200 applicants. It made us realise how much knowledge we gained from this course. We would highly recommend it.
  • James Lambrou
    James Lambrou - My name is James Lambrou. I was in Management/Marketing for a number of years but knew I was in the wrong profession. Since completing my course I started a new design company with a business partner. We handle residential & commercial design projects and we have been featured in some of Australia’s leading publications. It has been the most challenging few years but most rewarding.
  • Wendy Casey
    Wendy Casey - I was a Vice President of a large American bank in Luxembourg. After completing the course I now write a monthly magazine column, which has proved to be excellent advertising for me as I also deal with private, individual clients and with companies. The work is really exciting and highly varied. I would never have believed it possible to change careers as I did at the age of 45!
  • Luciana Mazza
    Luciana Mazza - My name is Luciana Mazza and I am a freelancer working in TV. The variety of academic qualifications I achieved allowed me to take my career in the direction I wanted and gain professional credibility. This experience significantly improved my career’s prospects and changed my life. The skills I learnt helped me to secure my place in the industry and I think anyone can do it!
  • Peter Jenkins
    Peter Jenkins - My daughter booked me on this course as a surprise gift. Initially I was unsure what to expect but once I got started I found it to be a splendid experience. Officially I am retired but this course has given me a new focus and I feel like I have a second chance at life. I realise that it’s never too late to change your life and it has helped me to find a new sense of purpose.
  • Pavlina Santana
    Pavlina Santana - I chose “THE DESIGN ECADEMY” because the courses are certified and offered a lot of flexibility which was crucial for me. Embarking on this design journey with “THE DESIGN ECADEMY” is one of the best decisions I have ever taken. The course has surpassed my expectations in every single way. The content is amazing - very well structured, very practical and down to the point.
  • Nabeel Hassan Ali
    Nabeel Hassan Ali - My name is Nabeel Hassan Ali, I am 26 years of age and I come from Sitra in Bahrain. I needed to find a formal qualification to be able to meet the requirements of my work. I searched on the internet and came across this qualification. I am really pleased that I have taken this course. My qualification has been so beneficial to me, I really recommend taking this course.
  • Zana Legemzova
    Zana Legemzova - I came across this course and from the very beginning I knew that this is what I wanted to study. The course gave me good knowledge and background about the industry. I enjoyed the course exceedingly. It was hard work, but great fun at the same time. I am really grateful for this course as it has helped me on my way and I am very happy I made this decision.
  • Silvia Ceria
    Silvia Ceria - Looking for a course in distance learning I’ve been analyzing numerous options. I was searching for a complete program, that could prepare me to work in the industry in real life, and a serious school, where tutors’ feedbacks are substantial and really personalized. What I found at the Design Ecademy is all of the above and even more!
  • Veronica Kazak
    Veronica Kazak - Having worked in a completely different area (Sales and Marketing) I have always had a passion for design. One thing is for sure the only way to succeed in a profession is to do what you really love. I wasn’t sure about taking a course due to limited availability, but The Design Ecademy made it possible and opened this world for me
  • Emily Poole
    Emily Poole - Everyone enjoys being pleasantly surprised; such was the case when I discovered The Design Ecademy. If you are looking to find an authentic and fully recognized education in design then I would suggest you enrol with The Design Ecademy. However high your expectations are I assure you that you will not be disappointed.
  • Pascale Van Bergen
    Pascale Van Bergen - During the last years we moved from one country to another and when the opportunity of home study appeared I jumped right on it. It has been great time to learn and prepare the assignments – even though the work is very challenging! Thanks for your support and advice, I feel ready to start a new life at 50!
  • Leanne Herman
    Leanne Herman - Before graduating this course I taught English in Spain for 4 years and after that I moved to New York. This course did an excellent job in preparing and giving me the knowledge for my career. It has given me the confidence to seize every opportunity that comes before me.
  • Ina Wagner
    Ina Wagner - This course helped me to achieve the right qualifications to start my career. I have now successfully set up my business. I truly found my dream career.


This course will teach you how to complete projects ON TIME & ON BUDGET

This course is recommended for:

fade-leftfade-right Interior Designers, Architects, Specifiers & ContractorsDesigners of all disciplines who want to control projectsHome-owners undertaking renovation or building projectsAnyone who wants Project Management Certification

This Online Project Management Course covers the fundamentals of Project Management without un-necessary theory or jargon. It will provide you with practical skills needeed to bring projects in on time and on budget!

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is a term that is recognised across all industry sectors and is widely defined as a commitment to self-improvement and education within your industry area.  It is a way for professional individuals to enhance existing skills and learn new ones relevant for your industry.  Updating skills and knowledge on a continuing basis is now becoming expected in order to improve your career progression.  CPD demonstrates your commitment to life-long learning and personal development.

CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) accredits all of our Professional Certificate courses and they equate to 200 hours of CPD.  CPD accreditation demonstrates a structured approach to self-improvement and learning in your career sector.  The Design Ecademy delivers the Professional Certificate Courses through a vocational approach and therefore they provide specific, relevant and recognised training for those wishing to expand their career and skills. All Professional Certifcates are certified, please click here to view sample certificate from CPDSO. You will also receive certification from The Design Ecademy.

The fast-paced world we live in today is dynamic and ever-changing and most people have come to expect what they want, when they want it and without compromising on quality or price. Design projects are different from straight-forward, linear projects because each project is individual and unique, with different priorities and different variables. Additionally, a design project is more likely to incur changes along the way and this makes it even more difficult to manage everything so that it turns out the way you planned it. And the larger a project is the more chances there are of errors. You need a strategy to navigate your way through the maze without getting sidetracked or bogged down in paperwork - this course was designed for that very purpose...

The key to successful project management is in providing clear direction and strong leadership, by planning, co-ordinating and managing the variables involved. Whether you are a designer, a home-owner or simply someone responsible for overseeing and supervising the work of others, then this Project Management course will teach you how to manage any project scenario. It is universal in its approach, and the skills you will learn on this course can be applied to any project from designing a menu to building a bridge. If you want to bring a project in on time, within budget and to a particular set of standards - this course will teach you the formula for success.

All our Professional Design Courses are Internationally Recognised Qualifications

So they will travel with you anywhere in the world