Here at The Design Ecademy, it has always been our opinion E-learning is the best way to learn in the 21st century – which is why we specialize in online courses. We also believe that with our courses, students can achieve higher levels of skill, knowledge and creativity in a much shorter time than is possible in traditional colleges. Today, we are so grateful to Laurence Meyer, a student on our HND in Interior Design & Interior Architecture course, for validating our opinion by winning multiple awards in the ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) annual student competition. Recently, Laurence scooped:

    • 1st place in Residential Interior Design,

    • 1st place in Commercial Interior Design and

    • Best in Competition.

The award ceremony took place at the end of September 2014 and was sponsored by Home & Design Magazine USA. Laurence received the highest score out of all entries for the Residential Design/Suburban Show-­Home Project and was the ONLY participant to receive two First Place Awards. The video shows Laurence’s residential design project. Laurence told us:


“I am now even more convinced that I have chosen the right school! I really appreciate that you want the Design Ecademy to be a leading-edge online programme but at the same time you ensure that it is also a traditional school. I can see that even if you do not know your online students personally, you really care for them and you want them to succeed.  It certainly motivates me to continue to do my best.”
Laurence Meyer, October 2014

We do our best to make our courses effective and we aim to help each student achieve their best potential - but NOTHING can be achieved without the students applying themselves. Laurence Meyer used projects that she had created as part of her coursework to win these multiple awards and what is particularly impressive is that Laurence has not yet completed the full HND course; although she expects to do so within the next six months. Laurence has achieved excellent results and the work she has produced on the Higher National Diploma course shows her passion, creativity and the willingness to work hard.  Laurence is clearly on her way to great things and we sincerely appreciate her willingness to share her success with us.

Thank you Laurence and CONGRATULATIONS - You deserve it!!!