About Us

About The Design Ecademy

The Design Ecademy is the brainchild of Maria Flynn, an innovative interior architect / design consultant who specialises in colour & design psychology. Maria’s designs have been showcased in several of Europe’s leading magazines and newspapers, she is author of “Colour Your World” [Rotovision 2001] and she has been featured on TV and radio in the UK and Ireland, where she was the resident “Design Expert” for 6 months (TV3). Maria has also been involved in training and education for over 20 years and she is particularly passionate about Adult Education and E-Learning.


Maria established professional interior design courses in several leading colleges in Ireland. She enjoyed working with Adult Learners and found they were often responsible for producing the best quality work. However, she found that most  traditional colleges focus their efforts and resources on full-time students and merely see adult education as a “side-line”. Adult learners have different needs and mindsets to full-time students and tutors would commonly agree that the teaching and learning experience needs to be re-structured accordingly, but no-one was investing the time and effort to do so. Maria decided to address this by developing courses specifically for Adult Learners to be delivered entirely by E-learning. Hear what she has to say below…

Over the years Maria brought together a group of people with professional experience in a variety of design fields, higher education, writing and even business systems – to create The Design Ecademy. The two things we all have in common is a passion for design and a desire to positively impact the industry by helping to shape the designers of the future. We all believe that “Nobody becomes excellent overnight, excellence is a habit, and one that can be learnt! Quality training programs should be carefully designed so that they enable students to acquire new skills & knowledge and begin to build the habits of excellence.”


Our first courses became available in 2002 and since then thousands of students have successfully trained to become interior designers, image & fashion stylists, landscape & garden designers and more. We specialise in design courses delivered online by E-learning. If you want to become a designer without going to college full-time, we believe this is THE BEST alternative…


What is E-Learning?

E-Learning stands for Electronic Learning. It is simply a way of learning that uses digital technology to deliver learning materials and tutorials directly to YOU so that you don’t need to go to a classroom at a designated time. E-Learning is the fastest growing method of study in the world today for many reasons, including the following:

  • Never miss a class or lecture & learn at your own pace
  • Get a new career without giving up your existing work or family commitments
  • Benefit from a genuine Equal Opportunity because the lower costs and accessibility make it possible for you to achieve your goals regardless of your education, experience or background


Accreditation is the formal recognition that a college measures up to a particular set of standards. The Design Ecademy is an approved BTEC centre (Centre number 79618), which means that our infrastructure, support systems and resources are scrutinised annually and they are all verified to be of the high standard required to deliver successful Higher Education training by E-Learning.



Each of our courses is also accredited and has a transferable university credit value that is recognised worldwide. This is the only assurance that your achievements will be recognised academically and professionally (ie. by employers and professional / industry organisations). It’s also vital if you ever want to transfer your credits to another college or if you want your qualifications to be valid in another country. When you are investing your time, money and effort in education, you need to ask the following questions:

  • Is the college itself approved?
  • Is the particular course that you want to study accredited?
  • If so, what is the university credit value?
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, does that accreditation still apply if you are studying by E-Learning?


At The Design Ecademy we want to give everyone with a passion for design the opportunity to learn the skills and gain the qualifications necessary to fulfil both their dreams and their potential. Our mission is simple:


Wherever you are in the world, whatever your ambition, whatever your background…if you want to be a designer and you are willing to do the work, we guarantee that we will help you to become one.”


But you don’t have to take our word for it. See what some of our past students have to say below….


Check out the video below and be inspired…