Looking for Online Design Courses? If you want to Become a Professional Designer through Online Learning then you've come to right place...

We have created an interactive, online prospectus with integrated videos to SHOW you the details of our courses and what you will learn. The Prospectus contains all the details you need including prices. Get access NOW - simply select your subject choice from the list below:

The Design Ecademy is a fully Accredited E-Learning Training Centre (Pearson Edexcel Centre no. 79618). All of our courses are also accredited and have university credit values to they will be recognised wherever you go. You may find similar qualifications but our courses are UNIQUE to us.

Why is that important?

Because if you want to become a Professional Designer you should not get hung up "getting a course". The key to your success will be to find the right Training Provider who will partner with you, nurture YOU as an individual and guide YOU to success. A course is just a mechanism, a tool to help you in that journey. It's important but it's just one piece of the puzzle...

Our course materials are second to none - but it's our entire system has a proven track record - many times over! If  you want to become a Professional Designer with Online Learning then WE KNOW you WON'T find a better alternative to The Design Ecademy.

Don't take our word for it - thousands of students can't be wrong...

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  1. 14-day Full Refund if you are unhappy with the course for any reason
  2. Full Refund PLUS you keep the award if you don't learn everything we have described by the time you complete this course!